Cutie Pie's entry Thursday, September 19th:

Cupcake and I were on Brecksville Rd., heading north, going to the last Bike Night at Prosperity Social Club. When we got North of Rockside, we started going past a bicyclist in full road attire, who was traveling quite quickly. We got past the Discount Drug Mart driveway and lost all the other vehicle traffic. Next thing, Roger and Pam look in our rear view mirrors, and the cyclist decided to pull in behind me and ride the draft. So we cruised for several miles at 32 mph, and the cyclist was right in tow.

When we hit the big hill going down to the Independence Clover Leaf, we veered off onto old Brecksville Rd., and the cyclist continued north. (What we would not have given for a helmet cam!)

Cutie is all excited. She thinks that she is in training as a chase vehicle for the Tour de France!

Not only are scooters fun and great on fuel, it is amazing what they can carry. Here the "beast of burden" is taking home a wedding gift of Stihl tools, to get wrapped. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Scott Sedlock who were married on July 13th. (Cupcake wants a Wide Load sign when she has to work!)

July 4th excursion:

After hot dogs at the Yacht Club, Cutie and Cupcake went investigating over on the west side of Cleveland and discovered a really neat new access.This picture is taken on Father Frascati Dr, off of W74th St. The building is home of the Wine Bar at Battery Park. This building is the old power station for an old battery factory. Lot's of great wine and small plates. Cutie and Cupcake have already checked it out.

But here is the neat new part. To the west of this driveway is a two tunnel system of steps and/or ramps that put you out DIRECTLY onto Edgewater beach.

The first elevation takes you under the railroad tracks, then the next one takes you under Route 2.

The scooters plan on several evening trips for drinks, snacks, walks on the beach and watching the sun go down. Check it out sometime!

Cheap date on a Saturday night!

It was a gorgeous evening on the 22nd, and Cupcake and Cutie had a taste for something sweet, so off to Sonic for some milkshakes. Our waitress had roller blades, even though you can't see them, and was very happy to serve up strawberry/banana and peanut butter fudge shakes to the scooters. The real reason that the scooters wanted to go to Sonic was to support the company that sponsors "Swamp People". Swamp People is one of Cutie Pie's favorite TV shows when the weather is bad, and they have to stay home in the garage. Cutie is fascinated by the alligators, and just hopes that Roger and Pam don't go hunting for them on their next trip to New Orleans!

Honda really needs to add one extra digit on the odometer of Metropolitans. Cupcake has now rolled over 13,000 miles on August 8th, 2017


The fall weather has been spectacular, so Cutie and Cupcake took a long ride to Lakewood for dinner, and then stopped by the west end of Edgewater park to watch the sun go down!


Getting ready for bike nite
Quaker Steak in Valley View

Happy 2017! Celebrating Independence Day, Scooter Style

Magicada septendecim the 17 year cicada has emerged. 

More rare than a "BLUE MOON!"

December 12, 2015. Hard to believe the mild weather we have had. Cupcake & Cutie went up to see the Christmas lights on Independence Public Square. Cutie thinks that she heard Santa Claus!

Even Cutie Pie and Cupcake are getting excited about basketball! The scooters were caught trying to catch a peek at LeBron and company at the Cavalier's training facility in Independence.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT DURING CLEVELAND RNC. Cleveland Police will be debuting 3 new BMW authority bikes. These G650's were purchased fr beach and park. Really cool!

June 2016 and the noise in Independence is deafening! The 17 year cicadas are hatched and buzzing like mad! Thank fully, Cupcake is not afraid of bugs!

November 1, 2015. Cutie and Cupcake made a late day run through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This  picture is at the corner of Canal and Tinkers Creek Rd. The scooters went to Szalay's farm in Peninsula to pick up some small pumpkins for baking Thanksgiving pies.

First trip of 2015 was to the grocery store to get stuff for Sunday dinner. The fresh corn was exceptionally nice for April! Cupcake and Cutie have a very special grocery store trip planned in the very near future. Stay tuned!

On Saturday, June 18th, Cupcake rolled her odometer over! She was enjoying a beautiful afternoon ride out in Summit County, that included a stop at the famous Whitey's in Richfield. While she is pretty health conscious, every once in a while a Czar burger with mushrooms, onion and swiss cheese, just can't be beat!

Cupcake had to stop to take a picture of her odo! September 12th, 2015

Cutie Pie had a very special day on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. She rolled her odometer over to zero. 

Summer Solstice 2013

Cutie and Cupcake were whining that it has been all work and not enough play, and they were tired of just going back and forth to work. It was a beautiful Thursday evening, so they went off on a pre-solstice ride, to Chester Commons, at E 12th and Chester in downtown Cleveland.

You know how they say, nothing is new? Well, it seems that they have revived Party in the Park, which they had back in the 1970's when Pam worked downtown. This evening was a great time. Cutie and Cupcake got to listen to one of their favorite bands, Mo Mojo, which features Cajun/Zydeco music.

Of course, there was dessert. You notice the word WAS. The local Cupcake Mobile was on hand. There was an orange creamsicle and a sea salted carmel cupcake purchased. They were supposed to go under the seats and be a late night snack. Guess what? All that was left was the packaging.

Well, Cupcake and Cutie Pie were extremely busy the later part of the summer 2012, as they were main players in a wedding. Perhaps you saw the pictures on the main page of the web site. We will try to get them back over onto the chronicle page!

Friday, May 18th.

Cutie Pie and Cupcake went "clubbing" for the evening. They started out for dinner at the "Hive". This is a great place located on State Rd, a couple blocks south of Brookpark. For the locals, it is where the old "Jigsaw Saloon" was located. Well, the food is quite good and very reasonable. They have a WIDE assortment of appetizers. Cupcake has enjoyed the fish tacos, and the pot stickers in particular. Afterwards, it was a nice trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Canal Way Center located on E49th St in Cuyahoga Hts. This is one of the newer jewels in the park system. If you have not been there, you should check it out. The evening's entertainment was a local blue's icon, Wallace Coleman, who not only sings, but is a fantastic harmonica player. He was backed up by bass, guitar, and keyboard. A wonderful evening in a very small venue, great for a concert. We planned on taking pictures, but had a small technical glitch. Camera, check, photo chip, check, battery, ooops, dead. So we just had to chronicle the event another way (hence the model and CD cover).